We specialize in plaster ceilings, ceiling systems, ceiling & wall enrichments, corbels, cornice corners, door arches, etc.

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KIONG GAY was incorporated in year 1986. We have grown to be one of the key leaders in manufacturing fine quality ornamental and architectural gypsum plaster mouldings. Our headquarter is situated at Senai, Johor, Malaysia. Through the years, we have created more than thousand pieces of gypsum plaster mouldings. The KIONG GAY name has become synonymous with tradition, quality, reliability and excellence.

KIONG GAY 成立于1986年。我们是有名的建筑装饰和石膏模制品公司。本公司的办公室坐落在马来西亚柔佛州的士乃。这些年来,我们已经制造出数千件石膏模制品。KIONG GAY 这个名字展现出传统、高品质、可靠性和卓越的特征。

Kiong Gay can supply any size project, large or small, directly from our 7.5-acre manufacturing facilities. Made to order and custom manufactured products are routinely delivered on time and within budget.

Kiong Gay products are made of non-combustible, nontoxic gypsum plaster and the gypsum powder are produce in-house at Kiong Gay's own factory. All the products are fire resistance, excellence thermal and sound insulation, and vermin proof.



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